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 Vince Nash

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Briefly About Vince Nash

Vince Nash

Sideshow man



30 years of Entertaining the masses

Started as a qualified Chef for 15 years

To starting out working in restaurants around Brisbane Queensland  doing his forte which is

Close-up magic ( or roving /mingling /table to table /group to group )


He is essentially a Family Magical Entertainer as was his dad one of the original Sideshow men,

Traveling Australia with his Ghost House on wheels and other varies sideshows to entertain and make a living.


He then created a character called THE WIZZ ( Magical Wizzard ) and at the same time landed a Gig at McDonald's as the Famous Clown RONALD MCDONALD


Then had the great fortune to improve his talents at the best Theme park in Australia DREAMWORLD

where he worked for  15 years.


He is now a freelance Magical Entertainer ( Magician / Wizzard)

Magic is and all round entertainment for all ages and groups


So please consider Magic Mystery & Fun and the occasional laugh is a great mix for any event



Vince Nash

Vince Nash Magic Entertainer,

the son of an original sideshow man.

Billy Nash

Ronald McDonald

Worked for McDonald's and

Played The Role of Ronald McDonald for 6 years.

Vince became resident Wizzard / Magician

The Wizz at Australia's 'Dreamworld' on the Gold Coast for 15 years and roamed the theme park entertaining, national & international guest alike.

For that personal touch Ring Vince

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